Car Heating Systems

Your car’s heating system contains a pretty basic number of components, but oddly, a lot can go wrong with it. That can result in a lack of heat just when you need it most. Your car heating system is important in more ways than one. Of course you want to be comfortable when you drive, especially over longer distances. A faulty heating system could also be an indicator of larger issues within the cooling system itself which is directly linked to your vehicle’s engine.

Here are some issues that could be causing your car heat to malfunction or not work at all – from the simplest to the more complicated.

7 Potential Sources of Car Heating System Problems

HVAC controls on your dash – sometimes the knobs, switches – or on more modern vehicles, touchscreens – may stop working properly.  The result is that there is no signal for the heating system to engage.

Wiring and fuses – deteriorated wiring or blown fuses could also be responsible for your heat not coming on.  The heater and its associated components may be fine, but the electrical parts are faulty.

The heater fan – a malfunctioning or broken fan will not send any hot air being generated by the car heating system into your car interior.

The blower motor resistor – should this component break or not work properly, the fan speed may not engage properly or maybe not even at all.  The end result is a lack of heated air blowing into the car, or potentially, none at all.

Clogged heater core – this is the central component of your car’s heating system.  Should the core become clogged with debris or particulate matter – something that happens more often in older vehicles, due to rust coming off the radiator – it will stop working properly or fail altogether. It may then need refurbishment or replacement.

Low coolant – a lack of coolant means not enough of it will reach the heater core, which uses heated coolant to generate the heat for your car heater system.  This is a common source of heater issues in cars.

Malfunctioning thermostat – among the most common reasons for no interior heat.  A bad thermostat can also affect your car’s cooling system.

These are some of the most common issues or causes of a malfunctioning or broken car heater system.  It takes considerable expertise to properly diagnose and repair many car heating system issues so make sure you hire an expert mechanic to address your needs.