Clutch Service

The clutch plays a crucial role in protecting a vehicle as drivers change gears, providing better control. Below we break down what a clutch is, why it’s important to keep in good working order, and why it’s beneficial to both your vehicle and your wallet to schedule a regular clutch service.

What Does a Clutch Do and Why Is It Important?

The clutch is comprised of three main parts: the fly wheel, the clutch plate, and the pressure plate. These three components allow for the turning of the wheels and for the transmission to match the rpm (rotations per minute) of the tires. The tire rpms shift to allow drivers to operate at different speeds.

Clutch Service San Diego

Without a clutch, shifting gears is a laborious job which can damage the transmission. Even with precise gear-shifting timing, changing gears without a clutch puts a strain on the transmission. When the timing is not spot-on, the gears are damaged as well.

Common Clutch Issues and Why They Happen

All moving parts require periodic servicing to avoid significant damages, including the clutch. The most significant clutch wear and tear usually involve the flywheel, pressure plate, and bearings.

The most common symptoms signaling clutch service San Diego include:

  • Slipping out of gear
  • Sticking gears
  • Soft, mushy pedal
  • Weird smells like burning paper
  • Odd grinding or grating sounds

What is Involved in Clutch Maintenance and Repair?

All clutch assemblies will experience wear and tear over time, and stop-and-go driving, trailer pulling, and off-roading will accelerate wear.

To protect your clutch and your vehicle’s transmission, it’s smart to schedule periodic clutch services.

A clutch service with an experienced mechanic typically includes:

  • Topping off the hydraulic fluid
  • Replacing the pressure plate
  • Replacing the bearing
  • Replacing the clutch plate
  • Replacing or resurfacing the flywheel
  • And replacing any worn hydraulic parts when these various components are worn out beyond repair

Don’t wait to schedule a clutch service San Diego when your clutch assembly is completely worn out and affecting your driving. Book a service with FTS Auto and receive the clutch repair servicing and replacement parts your vehicle needs to function optimally.