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Wheel Bearings

  Wheel bearings play an important role in your vehicle’s performance on the road. They help your vehicle’s tires spin freely with as little friction as possible, bear the weight of your vehicle, and handle steering forces when it corners. Wheel bearings are lubricated with some pretty heavy duty grease. In many modern vehicles, the bearings are contained within sealed Continue Reading...
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What to Do in Case of a Breakdown

  Having your vehicle break down is always inconvenient. Sometimes it’s downright scary. Knowing what to do in advance will help you make better decisions should it happen to you. The most important thing is to get to safety carefully. Take your foot off the accelerator and do NOT brake suddenly or hard. Calmly work your way to the breakdown Continue Reading...
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Causes of Air Conditioning Failure

  Air Conditioning KNOW HOW Summertime rolls around, you push the air conditioning button on your dashboard, and . . . no cold air comes out. No one wants that. There could be several reasons for air conditioning (A/C) failure. Before we talk about them, let’s get a quick overview of how the A/C system works. How Your Vehicle’s A/C Continue Reading...
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