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Four Things to Avoid Leaving in a Cold Vehicle

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, we spend 17,600 minutes in our vehicles each year. That’s a big number, but it makes sense – we’re always driving. We commute to the office, get groceries, and take the kids to and from practice. With all that rushing around, it’s no wonder we leave things in our vehicle. But as Continue Reading...
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Leave It To The Pros

  Having a car’s like having a house. Chances are your home’s going to need some work from time to time. Maybe the wood panels in the den just need a fresh coat of paint. Or maybe the electrical wiring’s worn down and needs replacing – that’s not something you’ll want to do yourself. Your car’s no different. Whether it’s Continue Reading...
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Seat Filters

Seat filters! At first blush, it may seem like seat filters fit in the same category as blinker fluid – a silly joke. But, alas, there is such a thing as seat filters. For vehicles equipped with climate controlled seats, air is gently blown through the seat bottom and back. The fan that blows the air is located under the Continue Reading...
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