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The 411 on Replacing Batteries

Question: When do I need to replace my battery? Answer: That is a very smart question that can sometimes be overlooked until the battery dies and it is a last resort purchase. Other times, batteries are being replaced before their time. Here is the run down on how to know when your battery is ready to be replaced. If your battery is dying Continue Reading...
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Is Nitrogen Right for your Tires?

So why use nitrogen in your tires? Air is air….right? Wrong. Turns out that there IS a difference. At the heart of the matter it really comes down to maintaining proper tire inflation. When your tires are properly inflated, they last longer, handle better, and ultimately save you gas money! The problem is that tires filled with air can lose around a pound Continue Reading...
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Viva la Differential

Since front wheel drive is so common these days, the differential is taken care of during a routine transmission service, so most people don’t even ever have to think about it. And also, most rear wheel drive differentials don’t have to be serviced for several miles, so it is absolutely understandable that this is not a service that is on the top Continue Reading...
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