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Spark Plugs

The days of changing your spark plugs every couple of years are over. Back in the day, spark plugs truly did wear out that often! A couple of factors have changed that for the better. First, spark plugs are made of better materials that are designed to last longer. Second, modern engine controls have reduced the amount of carbon deposit Continue Reading...
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Maintenance for High Mileage Vehicles

Recent reports state that the median age for cars on the road is over nine years, and that two-thirds have over 75,000 miles. Those numbers are likely to continue rising. With influence from the economy, people are keeping their vehicles longer. Luckily, the fact that modern cars and trucks are more durable and reliable means that owning a high mileage Continue Reading...
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Combating Blind Spots: Best Practices

While this is a very common term and nearly everyone understands the concept, blind spots still contribute to about 840,000 accidents and 300 fatalities per year. You can greatly reduce your blind spots by simply adjusting your mirrors to give the widest view possible. Don’t forget to make the adjustment before you start driving. First, adjust your rear view mirror to give Continue Reading...
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